PNA/B/C were introduced to the materials that they are going to work with. Teacher explained to them that instead of throwing old socks or unfitting clothes, it can be made into something useful. Children were elated to know that part of their contributions were there and were excited to embark on the project. This is the first time children were exposed to cutting fabrics (it’s not easy!) and for some it’s their first handling actual scissors. (Reported by Teacher Masturah)

The PNA class from Campus 2 were introduced to the various recycled materials. Parents have been supportive and contributed lots of materials that can also be used for decorating the children’s project. Teacher explained to the children that instead of throwing the recycled materials such as cereal boxes, the children can use it to make into something useful such as the bookmarks. They were given the opportunity to select the materials of their choice to create their own bookmarks. (Reported by Teacher Su)

Children  from PNB @ Campus 2 were presented the choice of colours, materials they want to paste on the toilet rolls as part of the SSDB project of making pencil holders. (Reported by Teacher Su)