Adding sentimental touches to their Egging Picture Frames shows the sincerity of the children in wanting to give back to society by carrying out this project. Furthermore, the use of recycled materials in carrying out this task enforces the need to care for the environment and protecting our Earth’s future.

Feedbacks and discussions about their feelings and thoughts about the project was carried out after the completion of their crafts.

A. The following are some of the Consolidating Guided Reflection feedbacks given by the children:
I like because :
Md. Ridzwan : The Egging Frames looks good in my wall bedroom
Dhiya Fikriyah : My Egg carton craft is beautiful and nice.
Darin Danial : It brightened my bedroom wall with beautiful egg carton craft.

I felt :
Muhd Amsyar : I have help to save the earth by using the recycled materials for my craft.
Sh. Nazreena : I have to protect the earth clean
by putting the correct materials in the recycle bins.
Hamdhan : I have contribute to save the earth by keeping them clean.

I did :
Darwisyah : So that I can contribute and help the people who are in need like my Egging Frames by selling them for Charity.
Ilhan Bazil : I am happy because not only I make my Egging Picture Frames from the egg carton, I also enjoy doing the craft.
Ayman : I want to give to Charity and help them.

B. Presentation – Mind Map