Bridge to Home Math Bags

We have been introducing a take-home math program for our children and their families. It offers parents the opportunity to interact with their children in a variety of activities that help reinforce math concepts. We have successfully implemented the program after the Innovation Grant award since 2012 and we have expanded the program to include the K1 level.
Over the course of a week, you and your child can explore the items in the kits at home and participate in hands-on games and activities.

Culture of Improving Practice

Throughout the years, we explored ideas on how to extent children’s learning experience.

We embarked on several projects , both small scale and bigger scale to make the connections to their community.

Recently our children participated in the WWL – Wild Wow Learn Program ( In Bahasa Melayu) A total of 64 K2 children and their families benefited in the program.

It is a collaboration between The MLLPC ( Malay Language Learning Promotion Committee) and WRS ( Wild Reserve Singapore)

Its objectives are to excite and engage the children in learning the mother tongue language/. At the same time, parents are provided with fun opportunities to interact with their children using MT Languages.

The teachers are given support through workshops to equipt them with relevant knowledge to conduct learning journey to the River Safari.